Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Founding Ideals

"This Co-operative began February 22nd, 1967 and was initially called Campus Co-operative Association Ltd. Its present Corporate name of Assiniboia Community Housing Co-operative (ACHC) LTD. was formally registered March 10, 1982. ACHC objects are:

(a) To promote co-operative housing and the social and economic welfare of the members of the association by utilizing their united efforts to provide housing and related services on a non-profit basis.

(b) To expand the availability of low-cost housing, primarily to single adults, in the city of Edmonton between the boundaries of the North Saskatchewan River to the North, Mill Creek Ravine to the East, 76 Avenue to the South, and 121 street to the West.

(c) To associate itself with other co-operatives and associations throughout Alberta, Canada and other countries for the purpose of mutual aid.

(d) To create a non-sexist living environment and promote gender equity.

(e) To provide housing that is well-built, well-maintained and is not damaging to the environment.

(f) To promote communal living.

(g) To engender a sense of community among the members of all houses in the Co-operative.

(h) To ensure that no discrimination, restriction or coercion shall be exercised or practiced by reason of age, race, colour, creed, national origin, political or religious affiliation, sex, sexual orientation, marital status or physical disability in ACHC's selection of members.

(i) To carry on any business or render any other service which can be conveniently carried on or rendered in connection with the above. To acquire by purchase, lease or otherwise and to sell or otherwise dispose of such equipment and facilities as may be necessary and convenient in carrying out the above objectives. 

(j) To encourage and facilitate a democratic process among all members of the Co-operative."

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