Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Correspondence Quotes

An undated letter to GLL from Granada, España:

"Honourable Lentils, beans, legumes & pulses, I have to say I do miss the meals there, the food is good here but the company at 10554 83 ave can't be beat. I suppose this letter will find the earth waiting for compost and seeds? I trust you will all rise to the occasion - get out there and start that garden and reap the profits in the fall. Maybe I should designate tasks? Just kidding."

And a 2004 postcard from Barbados (it's February in Edmonton, we're living vicariously through these past travelers):

"Greetings and Love to all Lentils & Friends of Lentils!! Look - I found the Bajan Golden Lentil. Forget the co-op cottage, we just need to get a co-op charter to the tropics."

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