Sunday, 24 February 2013

Letter from the Campus Co-operative Association (1977)

In a letter we found from 1977, the following information was given:

The original intention of the 1967 Association (from which the Assiniboia cooperative was later born) was to provide housing for mature students. Campus Co-Op, the name of the cooperative by 1977, allowed single adults to live in the co-op as well.
In 1977, Campus Co-Op owned one house and rented 10 others, and had approximately 65 members. Each house involved single adults renting bedrooms and sharing cooking facilities and common areas.

In an section entitled 'recommendations,' the letter reads: "Initially we would like to point out that a definition of a co-operative may not be necessary and if it is to be included should not be elitist or otherwise be more restrictive to incorporation that the current legislation. People join co-ops for a variety of motives varying from strong ideological points of view to those who join for economic advantage."

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